Courtney Christian 🇺🇸

Developer | Self

Courtney was an Angular and Ionic software developer at Webjunto but her journey there was not a typical one. After changing her career to tech by becoming a Digital Service Fellow, she obtained an internship at local dev shop. Working as an intern at Jarvus further ignited her interest in software development. While working at Apple, she set out to increase her skills and to find a dev shop that included people that looked like her. That’s when she met Webjunto and has never looked back. Now she is traveling, speaking at conferences and contributing to open source projects until she settles in Europe and calls a new place home.
Courtney loves serving the community, organizing, curly hair, and her dog Hunter. You can normally find her in front of her computer and always with Hunter. And when not there, you can find her hosting/attending brunch, dancing at Drake night, or attending/hosting a tech or curly hair event. Courtney is a Philadelphia native that travels often but knows that home is where the tech lives.

My Sessions

Advancing Unit Tests

Theater 3

This fun and informative talk would discuss and demonstrate writing unit tests for components which utilize the more advanced Angular API’s such as OnPush, ContentChildren/ViewChildren, etc. The talk would include an example/demo for unit testing onPush change detection components and other advanced components.

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