Jimmy Engström 🇸🇪

Developer | AZM Dev

Ever since Jimmy got his first ZX Spectrum at the age of 7 he hasn’t stopped programming. Together with his wife he also runs a company ”Azm dev” which is focused on HoloLens and windows development.  He is really passionate about Windows development, HoloLens, and voice assistants. He and his wife (Jessica) are the hosts of a podcast called Coding After Work.

He speaks at various types of events including NDC, Devsum, Techorama, Ignite, and TechDays which led to him becoming a Microsoft MVP in Windows Development.

My Sessions

Adding Machine Learning to the Mix(ed Reality)

Theater 1

Mixed Reality is when you mix the real world with a computer generated world. What if we can throw in AI into the mix? In this session we will explore how you can use Azure Cognitive services together with Mixed Reality (HoloLens) to make our life easier and perhaps even save lives.


Holo World – Create your First HoloLens App with Unity

Theater 2

HoloLens breached a barrier, a barrier between the digital and the real world, bringing digital content into our world. Over the past year the HoloLens has continued to create new ways to visualize, to change education and the medical industry. HoloLens is not only for games it is a Business platform (that is game enabled). […]

.NET AR/VR Tools