Jo Franchetti 🇬🇧

Dev Advocate | Samsung

Jo is a Web Developer Advocate for Samsung Internet who is passionate about VR, Web Bluetooth, PWAs and great CSS. She’s got 6 years experience as a front end developer and has worked in various parts of the tech industry from startups, agencies, charities to large organizations. She is also mentor and organizer at where she is able to action her passion not only for teaching good use of the web but also for improving the diversity and inclusivity of the tech industry.

My Sessions

.NET Rocks – Live Panel Discussion # 1: State of Mobile Development

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Go Go PWA Rangers!

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Progressive web apps allow us to bring a native-like experience to our web apps. Download to homescreen, performance improvements, discoverability and offline functionality are all made possible without having to learn a native language. We’ll take a look at the reasons that you should consider a PWA, how you can make your current web app […]

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