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Milena Pajic is a software developer by education and has been in the IT Industry for more than a decade. Her prolific career has steered her from digging deep into the code and learning the rules of the game, to leading distributed teams and managing projects on the international level.

She was involved in Waterfall projects, acquired Agile principles, and invested a lot in her education in order to deliver the best value to her teams. Being a Master of Computer Science, PMP certified professional, Professional Scrum Master and a true Kanban evangelist, Milena combines the best out of all worlds.

As an author and a frequent speaker at technical conferences, Milena shares passionately her valuable insights from the industry. Personally, solving puzzles and riddles, and unlocking doors in Escape rooms are her favorite brain-teasers.

My Sessions

Where there’s a project, there’s a risk!

Theater 4

Unquestionably, there are neither risk-free projects, nor industries. Risk complexity and impact vary from project to project, and so does their treatment. Luckily, there are proven risk identification and mitigation techniques that can help us proactively prevent problems that might occur in every software development project. This session will cover Risk identification and Evaluation, creating […]